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Providing transparency to device supply chains

Binarly is the world’s most advanced automated firmware supply chain security platform. Using cutting-edge machine-learning techniques, Binarly identifies both known and unknown vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and malicious code in firmware and hardware components.

Managing risk across the firmware supply chain

  • Minimize risk
  • Reduce attack surface
  • Update with confidence

Binarly mitigates firmware supply chain risk by providing deep vulnerability analysis and comprehensive SBOM solutions for a secure connected ecosystem.

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    Device Manufacturers

    Empower device manufacturers and firmware developers to manage their supply chain risks. Seamless integration ensure compliance and streamlined security for reliable, secure products.

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    Endpoint Protection Vendors

    Enable endpoint protection vendors to strengthen their offerings by addressing firmware vulnerabilities and ensuring comprehensive security. Seamless integration delivers robust protection and quick response to emerging threats.


  • Proactive risk identification and mitigation

    Automated analysis of firmware enables continuous identification and mitigation of security risks by quickly and efficiently detecting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

    Accelerated Detection and Mitigation

    Enables faster and more accurate identification and remediation of firmware security risks and vulnerabilities through the use of Advanced AI and machine learning.

  • Increase firmware and supply chain visibility

    Gain valuable visibility into firmware components and supply chain, identifying with firmware on your devices and dependencies.

    Prevent Future Security Incidents

    Retrospective analysis of firmware images is essential to identify classes of issues comprehensively, preventing their recurrence, and ensuring device security.

BINARLY Transparency Platform

The Binarly Transparency Platform provides unparalleled transparency to device supply chain. Enables device manufacturers and endpoint protection products to comprehensively analyze both firmware and hardware, identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and malicious code implantations.

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  • Integrates seamlessly as a security component in SDLC and CI-CD pipelines
  • Ensures organizations can effectively monitor and mitigate risks throughout devices' entire lifecycle
  • Leverages AI/ML and deep code inspection
  • Vulnerability Analysis engine detects known and unknown vulnerabilities
Photo of Kieran Levin

Kieran Levin

Lead System Architect

“Binarly's binary code analysis is extremely effective in finding vulnerabilities in upstream libraries, where source access may not be possible. When Binarly found unknown vulnerabilities in our BIOS, they provided detailed information including where the vulnerability was and the impact associated with it. They then worked directly with our BIOS vendor to fix the vulnerabilities upstream.”

Photo of Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis

Chief Technology Officer

“Binarly will bring a critical perspective to this presentation from their role as a leading security research firm. Through their AI-powered Binarly Platform and staff of cyber security professionals with decades of experience, Binarly focuses on researching advanced malware threats including firmware and hardware vulnerabilities. Their in-depth inspection and advanced code analysis technology has been credited in several recent disclosures.”

Photo of Brian Mullen

Brian Mullen

Senior Manager of Software Security

“At AMI, we take firmware security seriously, which is why we're excited to collaborate with Binarly on securing the supply chain. By working together, AMI is best positioned to ensure that our clients' firmware is protected from potential threats, giving them peace of mind and the ability to focus on what they do best - creating innovative solutions that drive their business forward.”

Photo of Ryan Permeh

Ryan Permeh


“Binarly has a unique approach to securing Firmware, built by some of the most innovative minds in the space. They have decades of experience in understanding and researching the problem from the hardware on up, paired with a modern and scalable approach to bringing the value of securing firmware to any organization.  The visibility and control they offer is second to none.”

Photo of Firas Raouf

Firas Raouf

Co-Founder and General Partner

“Binary is bringing groundbreaking vulnerability detection technology to firmware supply chains and device owners alike. Leveraging ML modeling and advanced deep code inspection methods, they are providing desperately needed visibility to an industry segment long overlooked by standard security assessment practice.”

Photo of

“Intel appreciates recent collaboration with Binarly involving their security research and notification of affected vendors.”

Photo of Philipp Deppenwiese

Philipp Deppenwiese

CEO and co-founder

“We are impressed with Binarly’s unique approach to solving a very complex problem and are proud to be working with them to secure modern computer infrastructure.”

Photo of Michael Sutton

Michael Sutton

Managing Partner

“It’s no secret that firmware security presents a growing challenge that needs to be solved. For far too long, hardware manufacturers have relied on security through obscurity and we’re now paying the price as attackers identify and exploit flaws that impact thousands of devices across the globe. Blindly trusting hardware manufacturers is a recipe for disaster. The Binarly team has the expertise and vision to finally execute on delivering a scalable solution to get this problem under control.”

Photo of

“Security is always a top priority for HP, and we value the work that Binarly is doing and thank them for responsibly reporting to HP. Please follow our Security Bulletins for updates. We encourage our customers to always keep their systems up to date.”

Photo of Mike Reiner

Mike Reiner

General Partner

“CISOs from critical infrastructure companies, hyperscalers, and cybersecurity experts rate firmware security as a top-three priority. In a world where IoT, edge devices and the mere size of firmware on devices significantly increases, it’s a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ new dominant security solutions are adopted. Why Binarly? They’ve got the best-in-class team discovering vulnerabilities no one else has found and managed to surround themselves with incredible experts.”

Photo of

“AMI is committed to working closely with Binarly to leverage its innovative vulnerability detection technologies to strengthen the security of our products and firmware supply chain. We believe this collaboration is essential to protecting our customers and improving AMI's overall security posture. AMI looks forward to partnering with Binarly in this important effort.”

Photo of Warren “Bunny” Weiss

Warren “Bunny” Weiss

Managing Partner

“We are excited to invest in founders Alex and Claudiu at Binarly. We have immense respect for their deep technical expertise and understanding of the firmware security market. We recognize that there are significant exposure issues in addressing firmware security vulnerabilities and we have strong conviction that Binarly will mitigate those concerns - both immediate and in the long term.”

Photo of Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes

LVFS Maintainer

“Using the FwHunt rules provided by Binarly, the LVFS can scan gigabytes of existing firmware looking for vendors and models affected by specific CVEs. Running the same rules on new firmware we can ensure that new vendors joining the LVFS are notified of unpatched supply-chain issues, and also can ensure that existing vendors do not accidentally ship firmware which accidentally reverts the security fixes. I'm really happy we can work with Binarly, and can continue to protect the firmware supply chain.”

Photo of

“Providing technologies that support robust security and privacy is a priority for Qualcomm Technologies. We commend security researcher Alex Matrosov of Binarly for using industry-standard coordinated disclosure practices, and we have worked with Lenovo to address the reported boot issues. Patches were made available in November 2022, and we encourage affected end users to apply security updates when they become available from their device makers.”