Introducing Binarly Transparency Platform 2.0

Empowering secure-by-design at scale

Detect and remediate known and unknown vulnerabilities at every step of the device and software supply chain.

Advanced Binary Risk Intelligence

Known vulnerabilities are just the tip of the iceberg in firmware and software supply chains. 

That's why, instead of merely mapping binaries to a list of known vulnerabilities, we go beneath the surface to understand how the code executes,  identifying entire classes of defects, beyond just known - across software, firmware and containers - rapidly with near-zero false positives.

Proactively Manage Vulnerabilities

Detect known vulnerabilities and entire classes of those not yet disclosed, while ensuring uniform use of build time mitigations.

Identify Transitive Dependencies

Stop relying on SBOMs alone. Detect binary dependencies, including transitive ones.

Detect Malicious Code

Find firmware implants and other malicious code based on behavior analysis.

Resolve Vulnerabilities Quickly

Prescriptive and verified fixes make resolution painless.

Understand Release Changes

Instantly understand the difference between releases.

Continuous Assessment and Reporting

Integrate with CI/CD to maintain security. Use reporting to demonstrate compliance with legal and security frameworks.

License Compliance and Cryptographic Security

Detect license terms and insecure cryptographic patterns to address issues proactively.

How does Binarly work?

Binarly redefines firmware and vulnerability management without needing source code. Here's how we do it:
  • Automated Binary Analysis
  • Zeroing In On What Matters
  • AI-assisted Vulnerability Management
  • Surfacing Software Supply Chain Insights
  • Continuous Compliance Monitoring
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A research driven product

The Binarly team has its roots in research with decades of experience uncovering and understanding advanced malware threats, firmware, and hardware vulnerabilities. The Binarly Lab has led the coordinated disclosure of nearly 500 vulnerabilities—including LogoFAIL, which affected billions of devices—utilizing the advanced analysis techniques now only available through the Binarly Transparency Platform.

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