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Hear first-hand from the device manufacturers, OEMs, IBVs and product security teams using the Binarly Transparency Platform.
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Brian Mullen
Senior Manager of Software Security
“At AMI, we take firmware security seriously, which is why we’re pleased to collaborate with Binarly on securing the supply chain. By working together, AMI is best positioned to ensure that our clients’ firmware is protected from potential threats, giving them peace of mind and the ability to focus on what they do best - creating innovative solutions that drive their business forward. ”
Kieran Levin
Lead system Architect
“Binary’s binary code analysis is extremely effective in finding vulnerabilities in upstream libraries, where source access may not be possible. When Binarly found unknown vulnerabilities in our BIOS, they provided detailed information including where the vulnerability was and the impact associated with it. They then worked directly with our BIOS vendor to fix the vulnerabilities upstream.”
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Philipp Deppenwiese
CEO and co-founder
“We are impressed with Binarly’s unique approach to solving a very complex problem and are proud to be working with them to secure modern computer infrastructure.”
Tim Lewis
Chief Technology Officer
“We value the work that Binarly is doing to help make firmware more secure and appreciate their professionalism while working with us to report these issues in a timely manner. Their AI-powered approach to identifying threats is proving to be a valuable tool to help provide stronger firmware security.”
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“AMI is committed to working closely with Binarly to leverage its innovative vulnerability detection technologies to strengthen the security of our products and firmware supply chain. We believe this collaboration is essential to protecting our customers and improving AMI’s overall security posture. AMI looks forward to partnering with Binarly in this important effort.”
 “Providing technologies that support robust security and privacy is a priority for Qualcomm Technologies. We commend security researcher Alex Matrosov of Binarly for using industry-standard coordinated disclosure practices, and we have worked with Lenovo to address the reported boot issues. Patches were made available in November 2022, and we encourage affected end users to apply security updates when they become available from their device makers.”
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