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Heading to RSA?

See How Binarly Detects What Others Can’t

Using the Binarly Transparency Platform, our research team discovered several ways the xz backdoor is being utilized within Linux operating systems. Our free xz scanner reviewed nearly 11K files, discovering 165 variants.

Let’s find a time to meet at RSA. We’ll share our validated breakdown of techniques plus show you how Binarly’s Transparency Platform detected what others could not.
On March 29, right before Easter weekend, we received notifications about something unusual happening with the open-source project XZ Utils, which provides lossless data compression on virtually all Unix-like operating systems, including Linux.
XZ backdoor scanner
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Kieran Levin
Lead system Architect
“Binary’s binary code analysis is extremely effective in finding vulnerabilities in upstream libraries, where source access may not be possible. When Binarly found unknown vulnerabilities in our BIOS, they provided detailed information including where the vulnerability was and the impact associated with it. They then worked directly with our BIOS vendor to fix the vulnerabilities upstream.”
Steven Chen, Partner at Blu Venture Investors
Steven Chen
Partner at Blu Venture Investors
"Binarly’s technology platform stands out for its ability to address firmware and software supply chain issues at scale, a critical concern for businesses worldwide. The platform's capabilities in detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities within the supply chain are unparalleled, offering a proactive approach to cybersecurity. As digital threats become more sophisticated, Binarly's solution represents a promising avenue for safeguarding digital infrastructure, making it an exciting investment opportunity for us as we look to stay ahead in the cybersecurity space."
Janey Hoe, Vice President, Cisco Investments
Janey Hoe
Vice president,
Cisco Investments
"Securing firmware has never been as crucial as it is today. Cyber-attacks on firmware are increasing exponentially due to inadequate security controls at the firmware layer. Binarly offers a unique solution to detect both known and unknown firmware threats and vulnerabilities, providing a new layer of security beneath our operating systems. We’re excited to invest in Binarly to see how solutions like this evolve to offer a more complete cybersecurity posture."