Our Mission

Protect Devices

from emerging firmware and hardware threats using modern artificial intelligence.

Provide an advanced analytics platform

for Security Operations Center and Incident Response teams for enhanced visibility into the enterprise device infrastructure.

Founding Team

The Binarly team

has decades of researching advanced malware threats, firmware and hardware vulnerabilities for various large companies. We realized the need to build an advanced analytics platform to protect and patch vulnerable enterprise devices worldwide.
Alex Matrosov CEO, Founder
Claudiu Teodorescu CTO, Founder

Board of Advisors


is fortunate to be advised by world-renowned cybersecurity entrepreneurs and industry experts.
Ryan Permeh
Jamie Butler
Stephen Gill
Sounil Yu
Thomas Dullien
Rodrigo Branco
Ryan Naraine
Robbie Robbins
Dennis Gilbert
Audra Eng



is fortunate to be supported by investors who have a burning desire to disrupt the industry and are focused on founders success in order to drive technical innovations to the market.
Warren "Bunny" Weiss, Managing Partner, WestWave Capital
"We are excited to invest in founders Alex and Claudiu at Binarly. We have immense respect for their deep technical expertise and understanding of the firmware security market. We recognize that there are significant exposure issues in addressing firmware security vulnerabilities and we have strong conviction that Binarly will mitigate those concerns - both immediate and in the long term.
Mike Reiner, General Partner, Acrobator Ventures
CISOs from critical infrastructure companies, hyperscalers, and cybersecurity experts rate firmware security as a top-three priority. In a world where IoT, edge devices and the mere size of firmware on devices significantly increases, it's a matter of 'when' not 'if' new dominant security solutions are adopted. Why Binarly? They've got the best-in-class team discovering vulnerabilities no one else has found and managed to surround themselves with incredible experts.
“We need security solutions able to continually analyze firmware regardless of source. Blindly trusting hardware manufacturers is a recipe for disaster. The Binarly team has the expertise and vision to finally execute on delivering a scalable solution to get this problem under control.”
Michael Sutton
"Binarly, led by industry veterans, Alex and Claudiu, is uniquely positioned to help companies solve their supply chain security issues."
Bryson Bort
“When picking a winner among infosec startups I'm mostly interested in the team and the timing of their solution. Alex and Claudiu are seasoned colleagues whose work I admire and their solution addresses a critical trust point in a world where supply chain security is top of mind.”
Pedram Amini
"Binarly, led by industry veterans, Alex and Claudiu, is uniquely positioned to help companies solve their supply chain security issues."
Chris Ueland
"The Binarly founding team are uniquely qualified to build enterprise-class AI-powered firmware security platform using their decades of experience and research in this area, and we're excited to support them in this important mission in world with ever increasing firmware security threats."
David Mandel